17.-20.8.2019. Balti Kett -30
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17-20.august – Balti Kett 30.
marsruudil Vilnius- Panevezis- Riia-Sigulda-Valmiera-Karksi-Nuia-Viljandi-Rapla Toompea..

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“The Baltic Way 30” tour for historical vehicle

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Baltic Way, the enthusiasts of historical vehicle of all three Baltic countries will drive along the route of The Baltic Way (Tallinn-Riga-Vilnius).

Our purposes
1. To remember and celebrate one of the most significant and uniting event in the process of restoration of the independence of the Baltic countries.
2. To unite the enthusiasts of historical vehicle of the Baltic countries, to tighten the cooperation.
3. To introduce historical vehicle which were used:
a) in the time of conclusion of Molotov-Ribbentrop pact (23.08.1939)
b) in the time of The Baltic Way (23.08.1989) - in the Baltic countries and elsewhere in the world.

The participants:
1. Historical vehicles older than 30 years (year of production 1989 or earlier; aesthetically good looking, in condition which is close to the original).
2. In the process of registration the age and condition of the vehicle will be checked.
3. In addition to the group of messengers, who will cover the whole tour, all other enthusiasts of unique cars can join the tour for different shorter periods (in one´s own country, joining the exhibitions etc), they will be registered and granted the badge of the participant. The participants of the whole tour can order the special badge.

The time of the event:
August 18th 2019 – August 20th 2019. The tour concludes on the Day of Restoration of Independence of Estonia.

The registration takes places from the 1st of May 2019 until the 1st of July 2019.
In registration form, all basic data of the vehicle, a photo of the vehicle, data of the driver, number of participants, the range of participation (the whole tour or part of it) will be presented. The link for registration

The tour goes along the historic route of The Baltic Way from Vilnius, through Riga to Tallinn.
The locations of exhibitions and longer stops are marked out in capitalization. The final time Schedule will be presented in the folder of the participant.

17.08.2019 – gathering in Vilnius (it is possible to participate Riga Retro – Riga-Bauska, registration
18.08.2019 – VILNIUS (Gediminas tower) – Širvintos – Ukmerge – PANEVEZYS – PASVALIS – Bauska – Iecava – Kekava – RIGA (320 km)
19.08.2019 – RIGA – Vangazi – Sigulda – Ligatne – Drabesi – CESIS – Lode - VALMIERA – Lizdeni – Renceni – Oleri – Rujiena – Koni – LILLI (border station) – Karksi-Nuia – VILJANDI (220 km)
20.08.2019 – VILJANDI – Särevere – TÜRI – Käru – Rapla – TALLINN (Toompea ja Seaplane Harbour, 160 km). After party in LAITSE (RallyPark, 40 km)

The participation fee is 40 euros per vehicle (including the driver), 20 euros per passenger, children up to the age of 10 are free.
The participation fee includes – the materials of the tour, exhibitions, light lunches on free days, information about accommodation (free camping possibilities), guarded parking at nights, technical support during the hole tour.
The participation fee does not include – breakfasts, dinners, accommodation, after-party.

The fee of the after party is 25 euros per person, children up to the age of 10 are free. The fee includes the party, dinner, program. All lovers of unique cars are welcome to take part of the after party, even if they did not take part of the tour. The registration is necessary.

The participation fee must be transferred to the account no EE132200221061429917, Estonian Association of Clubs of Historic Vehicles, after receiving the confirmation of registration but for the 15th of July the latest. The final confirmation of registration will be granted after the payment of participation fee.

Joining the tour for shorter periods is free, preregistration is not necessary (the registration will take place on site). On exhibition sites it is possible to buy a badge of short period participant.

Team of organizers:
The members of the Estonian Association of Clubs of Old Vehicles:
Lõuna-Eesti Vanatehnika Klubi LEVATEK (Veiko Praks, Uno Kübar, Heino Jaanus)
Eesti Vanamootorrattaklubi Unic-Moto (Margus Karu, Märt Karu, Tõnu Piibur)
Pärnumaa Vanatehnika Klubi (Raivo Hannus, Tiit Talts)
Võru Vanatehnikaklubi Vänt (Raivo Ojaveer)
Eesti Vanatehnika Klubi (Üllar Suvemaa)
Klubi Unic (Kaspar Noor, Sven Tiirusson)
Wana-Kolga Tsiklitall (Jaan Sild)
Indrek Sirk ja Imre Otter

Latvijas Antīko automobiļu klubs (Agris Smits)

Senoviniu automobiliu klubas „Klasika“
(Egidijus Einoris)

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